Fungi In NYC Stumps

Walking through the city, there are countless of old lonely tree stumps. The stumps have some life left on them and so mushrooms survive using the stumps of the trees as their food source and source of protection. Its beautiful to see life on a tree stump. But it also shows our carelessness about nature since we leave our garbage and construction material inside the stumps. 

I love the following photo, showing Turkey Tail mushrooms on a stump (maybe Norway Maple). It is surrounded by smartweed, Polygonum caespitosum and fallen leaves from the surrounding Norway Maple treesPhoto taken near Hudson River Greenway near 165th Street.

DSCF5240Trametes versicolor in Upper Manhattan, New York     June 2017


The concrete inside the stump provides some protection for the growing mushrooms.


Mushrooms and concrete in stump in Jackson Heights, New York      June 2017

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