Adventures In D.C.

United States Capitol Building

Went down to the capital city of the United States and took lovely photos of some of the monuments and one garden in the National Mall. I wished I had more time to visit all the gardens in the National Mall, but the one I did manage to visit was beautiful.

I enjoyed the garden outside the visitor services building or The Castle, which showcased a variety of succulents and annuals/perennials that thrive in the capital of the United States.

The following Echeveria was in the center of this small garden outside The Castle. It was breathtakingly beautiful, showing off its bright flowers. I also saw other succulents such as the Portulaca grandiflora below. I really enjoyed seeing the thriving succulents outside in the open air, something I personally haven’t seen much in NYC.

Echeveria peacockii
Honeybee pollinating a flower (Delphinium?)
Portulaca grandiflora Mojave Tangerine


Dahlia “Mystic Illusion’

I enjoyed my short trip in DC. I loved the architecture and the history behind the buildings and this country. As a daughter of immigrants, this was a surprising emotional experience. I would recommend a visit to D.C. if you haven’t yet checked it out.

National World War II Memorial 

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