An Afternoon in Pittock Mansion

Ah Portland!

You Portlanders made my stay very welcoming and I thank you all for being friendly which made me, a New Yorker, feel very weird for not hearing at least one insult on the streets.

I enjoyed going to Pittock Mansion in Portland, which is near the trails into Forest Park. The mansion was built by Henry and Georgiana Pittock in the early 1900’s. The couple loved the outdoors; Henry climbed the nearby Mt. Hood four times and Georgiana created the garden at the mansion and originated the Rose Festival in Portland. Without Georgiana, there would be no Rose Festival in Portland today.

Reading about Georgiana and learning about her love of roses and gardening that eventually changed her small city in her time, inspired me to keep with this little hobby that I love: gardening. I will continue gardening and I hope to create a space one day in which people can visit and feel welcomed in the fragrant flowers and in the shade of the trees.

The following photos were taken at Pittock Mansion in Portland with my trusty Nexus 5x.



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